Lorenzo Cromwell is his name, but he’s quick to tell you “It’s Renny”. If Renny’s gregarious introduction doesn’t reel you in immediately, then his jokes will definitely leave you wanting to get to know more about him.


Growing up on the streets of Hollis, New York Renny instinctively became a purveyor of all the people and different cultures around him. Comedy was in Renny’s DNA. By the time he was 11 years old, Renny was performing for packed houses.  Ok, ok, the packed house was his own living room and the entire audience was made up of his mom and her friends, but Renny had them falling off the couch laughing.


Before the ink was dry on his high school diploma, Renny was already crafting his art and posting comedic sketches online...a routine he continued perfecting even while rising to Fame in 2015 during his Theater Undergrad enrollment at Brooklyn College. "My Mom was strict about education so I’d cram for class on week days and during the weekends I travelled the Tri-state area booking College shows.” From collaborating with major global brands to hosting red carpets for award shows, He continues to tackle multiple pockets of show business. In 2016, Renny directed, wrote, and starred in 26 episodes of his very own Comedy sketch show on Youtube. His Youtube success landed his first International TV Commercial with Honda in the midst his Junior year in College. Shortly after graduating In 2017, Renny was cast for Two Seasons on MTV’s Wildn’Out Show with Nick Cannon (2018) and He just inked his first film role alongside Lance Gross in a Netflix film titled “Dutch” that will be set for a 2020 release.


He may not be a household name yet, but on the social media he is the equivalent of an A-List superstar.  With 1.8Million Followers on Instagram, over 800,000 Likes on Facebook and over 200,000 Youtube Subscribers, there’s a definite buzz about him. Followed by celebs like P. Diddy, Kevin Hart, Rihanna, Odell Beckham, Bruno Mars and more. 



He loves singing and acting as much as comedy, but for the moment, comedy is his focus. Another of his idols has proven to be a mentor and a close friend. Stand up Comedian/actor Godfrey has been a constant guide in showing Renny the ropes . He wants to follow in the footsteps of some of the comic greats who challenge him to dig deep to be the more than just a joke teller. Some of  Renny’s favorites-- the outrageousness of Steve Harvey...the charm and innate comedic timing of Will Smith...and the unpretentious realness of the late Patrice O’Neal. “I love finding the truth in human experiences and becoming the mirror in which they see themselves.  Not the reflections of pain and hurt, but of love and laughter.”